• CBD From Plant to Product

    The cannabis plant has been harvested and used for its many different properties for thousands of years. Its seeds were used for food, its fibrous stalks were used for textiles, and the flowers were used for their medicinal effects in many cultures throughout the world. While the psychoactive eff... View Post
  • CBD Crystals and How to Use Them

    One of cannabidiol’s greatest strengths is its incredible versatility – it can be eaten, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. All of these are effective methods to get the appropriate CBD dose for your situation. Whether your sweet tooth coaxes you into getting your CBD through delectable, high... View Post
  • Cannabis Oil Makes Its First Legal UK Border Entry

    In a historical event for British medical cannabis advocates, cannabis oil containing THC and CBD was brought across the UK border legally for the first time last week. A woman purchased the substance in Amsterdam and brought it in via London City Airport without any trouble from border authoriti... View Post