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CBD Producer Spotlight: MariPharm

The cannabidiol industry has really come into its own in just the last few years, with new growers, producers, and sellers joining the party every week. While many of these companies offer high-quality CBD products that help a great deal of people, there’s something to be said of experience. That’s why this week’s CBD producer spotlight is shining on a hemp veteran of a couple decades, MariPharm.

A trusted voice in the CBD industry

MariPharm was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and has pioneered cannabis research for the last 23 years. With several years of hemp expertise under its belt, MariPharm has been a trusted advisor to the Dutch and other governments. Through this advisory role, the company has helped develop programs that use CBD as a tool to improve health and quality of life. 

As a member of the UK’s Cannabis Trades Association, MariPharm has pledged to promote good practices, ensure all its products are legal and above board, and provide its customers with knowledge and advice on consuming cannabidiol. 

MariPharm preserves hemp’s natural goodness

It’s unfortunate that some businesses involved in the CBD industry care more about their bottom lines than the quality of their products. It’s easy to spot these inferior oils by their appearance and taste. If your CBD oil is discoloured with an unpleasant aftertaste, it could indicate that the extraction was incomplete and left behind harmful residues.

 MariPharm does not take any shortcuts. It has developed its own unique CBD extraction process that maintains a high level of purity free of pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals. The end result is a clear, odourless oil that has a neutral taste and less than 0.05% THC. All MariPharm’s products have no psychoactive effect whatsoever.

Shop MariPharm at CBD Supermarket

We have recently stocked our digital shelves with some of MariPharm’s skincare products and CBD oil drops. Mari Care is a 50ml spray bottle with a mixture of essential oil from Cannabis Sativa L. (but no THC!) and organic coconut oil that boosts skin regeneration. It pairs perfectly with Mari Crème, a 1% CBD moisturising cream that is great for dry or sensitive skin.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries regarding MariPharm or any of our other products!