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CBD Producer Spotlight: Medterra

It’s important to us that our customers know exactly how their CBD is produced, so this month we will be shining the spotlight on the CBD producers whose products we are proud to feature in our store. We will trace each of their production processes, from the hemp farm to our digital shelves. First up is a closer look at Medterra’s award-winning cultivation and production process.

Medterra’s Kentucky-proud hemp

The legal status of US hemp farming on a federal level has been a hotly contested issue in 2018. A new farm bill is currently moving through Congress that would make hemp a legal crop nationally. For now, Kentucky has the only federal program for hemp farming. Medterra has partnered directly with the Hemp Pilot Research Program and sources all its hemp from Kentucky through the program.

Each hemp crop is grown under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s strict guidelines, ensuring that Medterra’s products can be legally sold in all 50 states and internationally. The hemp harvested for CBD extraction is certified non-GMO, is 100% organic, and must be sent to third-party labs for testing to ensure there are no contaminants.

Medterra’s extraction process is second to none

The rigours of Kentucky’s cultivation guidelines ensure that Medterra is starting with high-quality hemp, but this is only the beginning of its commitment to pure, wholesome CBD products. Medterra utilises the CO2 extraction process to remove cannabidiol from the plant material. This is the safest method for extracting CBD and does not involve any toxic solvents like butane or hexane.

In order to remove CBD from the plant safely and preserve its purity, liquid C02 is used at low temperatures and under high pressure to draw the material out. Although this method is expensive and requires a lot of expertise, it is the best and safest way to extract the purest CBD with zero THC.

Shop Medterra at CBD Supermarket

We are proud to carry a variety of products from Medterra, including their MedOil CBD Tincture, which was ranked the #1 CBD Oil Product by the CBD industry magazine, 'CannaInsider'. Medterra’s CBD Oil Capsules are another popular and convenient way to ensure you get your consistent daily dose of CBD. When it comes to the quality assurance by Medterra throughout their entire production process, it’s hard to go wrong with any of their products!