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CBD Producer Spotlight: Pharma Hemp

It can often be a mystery to figure out exactly how your CBD ended up in that pipette that you’re about to put in your mouth. Odds are that if you can’t easily figure out how it got there, the producer probably doesn’t want you to know. Transparency of the product supply chain is and should be an important consideration of CBD consumers.

To close off our month of producer spotlights, we’re going to rave a bit about Pharma Hemp, whose CBD supply chain is second to none in terms of transparency and sustainability.

Gently grown hemp with historical roots

The most technologically advanced, maximum yield agricultural processes are not always friendly to our environment and quantity usually wins out over the quality of the end product. Pharma Hemp is not one to be tempted away from the painstaking care they give to their hemp crop in favour of larger margins.

A quality CBD product begins with seeds and soil. Pharma Hemp has revived traditional European hemp farms in Slovenia and Croatia where they plant only local, European-certified seeds. Each of these farms has a smaller footprint that is less taxing on the local area’s natural resources. From there, the crop is grown using only organic and sustainable practices free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals.

Handpicked hemp, extracted the right way

As the average consumer becomes more environmentally conscious, many in the CBD industry try to source organic hemp for their products. Pharma Hemp goes much further by only harvesting their hemp on specially selected days. Each individual hemp flower is selected and removed from the stalk by hand. The hemp is dried naturally below 35°C to preserve the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes.

The dried plant material is pressed into pellets that contain a blend of three European hemp varieties, each bringing their own unique composition of terpenes and cannabinoids. Pharma Hemp trusts the supercritical CO2 method as the best way to extract the purest CBD, remove any THC, and preserve other beneficial cannabinoids.

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