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CBD Products Are Becoming Popular With Pet Owners

Cannabidiol’s popularity has now expanded to include pets.

A number of pet owners are supplementing their animals’ diets with CBD oil to treat many of the same ailments their human counterparts use the substance for.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons have been using the non-psychoactive cannabinoid to relieve chronic pain, reduce arthritic inflammation, and even abate the symptoms of more serious conditions like epilepsy. CBD is most commonly taken in the form of concentrated oil, but the medicinal compound can be found in hundreds of other products.

Heather Johnson’s rescue cat, Mandarin, suffers from separation anxiety when her owner is away. Some of Mandarin’s nervous behaviour includes excessive licking, which can sometimes cause bald patches and skin irritation. Johnson began adding a few drops of CBD oil to Mandarin’s food and found that it quickly eased her anxious behaviour.

“We saw an immediate response. Within a couple of days, Mandarin chilled out and soon we were seeing regrowth. She still licks a bit, but we’re thrilled with the results,” said Johnson.

Another pet owner, Steve Pontarelli, used CBD oil to treat his boxer’s frequent seizures, which were brought on by a brain tumour. Despite the terminal diagnosis, the oil seemed to extend and improve Apollo’s quality of life beyond what his vet had expected.

“Apollo was relaxed and calm. And his seizures decreased dramatically. Also, when he had a seizure, there were fewer after-effects. He could walk within a day. The oil does help — that’s for sure,” said Pontarelli.

True Leaf Pet of Vernon, British Columbia produces supplements and treats containing hemp seed for pets. CEO Darcy Bomford applied for a license to produce CBD products five years ago, and is still waiting for approval from the Canadian government. According to Bomford, CBD products are effective for pets with conditions like anxiety and arthritis.

Many veterinarians are wary of recommending CBD to pet owners before extensive research can determine its exact effects on different animals and the appropriate dosage to be safe and effective, however, many CBD trials for human medicinal products do frequently involve animal testing, and the subjects experience the same therapeutic effects as human patients.