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Which CBD Product is Right for You?

As products containing the cannabis extract cannabidiol continue to explode onto the scene, it can be a bit overwhelming for those having their first encounter with the market. CBD is very versatile, and it can be found in many different products at varying concentrations. If you plan to supplement with CBD, it’s important to find the right product for you, and the right strength.

There are almost too many different products to name, but we’ve broken down four main categories that are available at most shops, including right here at CBD Supermarket.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures are a quick and easy way to take CBD, and there’s room for creativity. CBD tinctures are made up of pure hemp oil or CBD distillate that has been mixed with other organic ingredients. They usually come in small bottles (10mL – 30 mL) with a glass pipette, which is used to apply a few drops of oil under the tongue. However, you can also use the dropper to mix in CBD oil with meals, juices, and smoothies. I like to add some to my morning coffee!

CBD Capsules

For those who want to take CBD just like any other supplement or vitamin, capsules are the answer. Consuming CBD in capsule form ensures that those suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain are getting an accurate and reliable dosage each time. Capsules generally guarantee maximum bioavailability, meaning that your digestive system absorbs as much of the CBD as possible, relative to other products.

CBD-Infused Edibles

While CBD has many medicinal benefits, it doesn’t have to be taken like your average pharmaceutical. It can be tasty, too! Pure CBD distillate can be mixed with pretty much anything, including yummy treats like chocolates and candies. This is a good route to go if you’re not a fan of the strong taste that is common with some CBD tinctures. You can also rest easy knowing the dosages for CBD edibles from CBD Supermarket are just as accurate as our other products.

CBD Balms and Lotions

Lotions, balms, and other skincare products containing CBD are great for a more targeted approach to pain relief. Whether you experience some muscular pain after an intense workout or struggle with a more chronic issue, CBD lotions can be applied topically for quick pain relief. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is not habit-forming, unlike some prescription drugs that are typically prescribed for pain management.

So, which product is right for you? It really depends on how you prefer to consume CBD and what condition you want relief from. The important answer is that there IS a perfect CBD product out there for you! CBD Supermarket carries all of the products mentioned above and many more, and our staff is always happy to help guide new CBD consumers to the right product for their unique situation.