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Hi there, and thank you for visiting our website. CBDSupermarket.co.uk was setup in 2017 by married couple Lisa McWilliams and Phil James. Lisa and Phil have lived all over the world primarily due to Phil's work and are now based in York.

Phil first got involved with CBD in 2015 as Head of Global Business Development at Bridge Capital, a US Investment Firm, where he was directly involved in the funding of US businesses in the medical marijuana and CBD sector. He started taking CBD in 2016 to help with his chronic arthritis in his knees courtesy of an overly long passion for playing rugby.

Taking CBD and following the research that was coming out of medical institutions over the last 3 years has given him a unique insight in to the affects of CBD and how it has helped him cope with daily pain, and was the reason they they wanted to setup a business in the UK to provide CBD to other people who felt they could benefit from it.

Lisa, who is the CEO of the business, was previously a corporate communications and events specialist. She has worked for a variety of investment banks as well as Fortune 500 companies. Her last position was with Imagination, a global creative agency and her most recent assignment as a freelancer has been working with Deutsche Bank on their Asian-based global events.

Lisa now runs the business on a day to day basis and Phil helps out when he can.

Phil is now working as the CFO of Medical Cannabis Resource Group Limited www.mcrg.life based out of Ontario. Canada had legalized the use of Cannabis for medical purposes 10 years ago and fully legalized all forms of cannabis in October. MCRG have been running a CBD medical clinic in Ontario for the last 3 years as well as having a range of CBD pet foods.

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If you have any questions about CBD then please feel free to contact us on 01944 768687 and we will do our very best to help you.


Best wishes,

Lisa and Phil