• CBD Mountain Infused Skin Balm 500mg

CBD Mountain Infused Skin Balm 500mg



This product is not only a sensory treat but an active topical balm. Delivered in three strengths means choice so finding the right strength for you couldn't be easier.

From the Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential Oils to the natural and synergistic base oils, this balm is our pride and joy.

Using only the best natural ingredients and being able to count them on one hand ensures peace of mind for sensitive skin or more aggravating conditions. Taking control of your dose every time with exact dosages for each strength.

Packed with essential oils and custom terpene profiles; nothing artificial.

Product Description

500mg infused Skin Balm

Bottle contains :

CBD (Cannabidiol) : 500mg

Essential oils, Terpenes, Phyto-cannabinoids : 1.50%

Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil

Serving size – 1 gram   servings :  55

Content Per Serving :

CBD(Cannabidiol) : 8.84mg

Essential Oils, Terpenes, Phyto-cannabinoids : 991.16mg