Why you should Wholesale CBD

Becoming a CBD wholesaler is a great way to offer new products to your customers without the barriers to entry.

At CBDSupermarket it’s super easy to get started with wholesale. You don’t need to wait for approval, just create an account and start purchasing. Wholesale gives you access to world class CBD products. The products you’ll be stocking have a track record of sales and our wholesale CBD brands have a fantastic returning customer rate.

Many different types of store can work with wholesale CBD and we support many stockists in their success with CBD. We really value our wholesaler relationships, whether you’re a therapy parlour selling/using our CBD massage oils or a whole foods shop selling our 100% legal, FSA approved CBD food supplements. There is something for everyone with CBD which is why its such a great idea to wholesale an existing brand with CBDSupermarket.

Why you should wholesale with CBDSupermarket

There are no minimum order quantities on our wholesale CBD food supplements, topicals and creams. This allows our stockists to try out a range of products and see what works best. We can help you to identify the best products for your business based on experience of knowledge of the market, bestsellers and more.

Our CBD oils are all FSA approved, 100% legal UK food supplements. We operate with a seed-to-shelf model giving us the control to offer some of the most competitive wholesale rates available.

Skin care CBD products available to wholesale, as well as our pain relief range, all have CPSR certification and a plethora of brilliant reviews. We believe in the quality of our products and this is reciprocated by end customers.

You can make the most out of CBD by tapping in to our wealth of experience when it comes to retailing CBD. We have put together some top tips for selling CBD oils to help you get started, but you’ll find a range of guides on our website to support you. Once you’re online placing orders, our CBD experts will be on hand to support you with point-of-sale, product positioning and so much more.

Advantages of wholesale CBD

– Low barrier to entry
– Tried and tested world class products
– Expert support
– Rapidly growing market
– Works for all types of business
– Excellent word-of-mouth and returning customer rate

CBD is a rapidly growing market, with the UK being one of the biggest globally. It’s no surprise that customers across the country enjoy our great range of CBD products daily. You can tap into this with wholesale CBD. We have seen the industry grow to what it is today and can recommend wholesale CBD as a great way of bringing CBD safely into your business, with traceable, legal and THC free products. Encapsulated in our wholesale information you’ll find a breakdown of our wonderful CBD products, pricing information as well as details about what kind of support we can provide to stockists.

Wholesale CBD can be a great stepping stone towards starting your own CBD brand. You can build up your knowledge and understanding of CBD with our experts supporting you every step of the way. If you are interested in creating your own line of CBD products, our suite of white label services may interest you. We offer a wide range of services so you have everything you need in one place.

So what are you waiting for? With a fantastic range of wholesale CBD products, market leading prices and a wealth of industry experience, we are excited to support your business. Becoming a wholesaler with CBDSupermarket is simple, fast and easy.