Here at CBDSupermarket we are able to offer both CO2 and cold-pressed extraction for white label CBD products.

The cold-pressing method is similar to how other essential oils are derived, where force is used on the plant biomass to “press” the natural oils. This method is often regarded as a more natural process than other extraction methods and the unique balance of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytochemicals in the plant is preserved. Using cold-pressed oils for your White Label CBD Oils can be a great way to build a brand based around organics and natural ingredients, as this method has been used for thousands of years.

Cold-pressed CBD also has many legislative advantages. As it has a long history of consumption in this form it is often under less security in some jurisdictions than CO2 extracted CBD and classifications such as the novel foods status in the UK do not apply to cold-pressed CBD – making it an attractive choice for those looking to start their own CBD brand.

Learn more about CBDSupermarket’s White Label CBD Services here.

What is White Label?

Using a white label program, a business can bulk purchase products at a reduced price and use their own branding to sell the products. For example, big supermarkets’ “value ranges” are almost always white label products. A different company will have manufactured and supplied them.

What is the MOQ for White Label?

We believe we have the lowest minimum order quantities in the market for white and private label products. While you can purchase any amount without restriction – you only need to purchase just 10 units to start saving, for our products!

What fulfilment services do you offer?

CBDSupermarket offers a range of fulfilment services including product storage, pick & pack and shipping. We are able to store your products under ideal conditions for maximum quality and our pick & pack services means you can have your orders packed to your requirements, for example with additional packing media such as wrappings or leaflets. You can learn more about the fulfilment services we offer here

How long will it take to receive my white label products?

Anywhere from just a week to a month, depending on your requirements. Many products can be manufactured within a week and sent out to you, especially for smaller volumes. For large volume orders this may take longer. For white label orders with design and printing services please allow time for the completion of artwork as well as the printing and label application, which typically takes around 2-3 weeks (but can be done in tandem with manufacturing).

Do you have lab reports for your products?

You can find all of our lab reports on our product pages. If you have any further questions please contact lisa@cbdsupermarket.co.uk, who will be happy to assist you with any questions.

How many products do I need to buy to save money?

You can begin saving with just 10 units of product! Not only this, but we also offer incremental savings based on the amount of product you purchase from us. If you purchase 1000+ units, you could benefit from discounts of up to 80% depending on the products you buy!

Can I start my business with white label products?

Yes! As a start-up company, it can be expensive and time consuming to instantly make your own products – white label gives you the option to put your time into other areas. Kickstarting your brand with white label products can take the pressure off. You don’t need to worry about product quality, just focus on your marketing and designs.

How will I benefit from your white label services?

White label services can benefit any business, from start-ups to those well established in their field. Some of the main benefits of using our services include:

  • Saving you time and energy
  • Saving you money
  • Building brand recognition
  • Working alongside an experienced company
  • Leaving your products in the hands of established manufacturers
  • Staying in control of what matters to you
Where do you grow and produce your CBD?

We work with our products from seed to shelf. Our CBD is grown organically in Europe at our 300 acre farm, we extract the CBD at a GMP, HACCP certified facility where we produce 99% CBD isolate and broad spectrum (THC free) distillate as the raw materials for our products. We manufacture our white label products at our laboratory at the Innovation Centre in York Science Park.

Can you design my packaging for me?

Yes! At CBD Supermarket, our in-house design can help you bring your vision to life. All we need from you is your chosen logo, and we can do the rest, from design and application to printing the finished labels! You can find out more about our design services here.