Top tips for selling CBD Oil

CBD oil is a great product to sell, whether your a wholesaler, dropshipping or even starting your own brand with our white label services. Oils are great for allowing users to control the strength and dosage of their CBD. By selling our HempWell brand, or starting your own through CBDSupermarket, you’ll also enjoy our graduated pipette that makes dosage even easier.

Getting the most out of selling CBD oil

Understanding dosage is key to selling CBD oil. Knowing what strengths are bestsellers, how to advise dosage at point-of-sale, there are numerous aspects that fall under the umbrella of dosage. By taking advantage of our experience and support, you can improve your conversion rate for CBD oil sales and enjoy success.

Understanding broad spectrum versus isolate is a great piece of advice we have for CBD wholesalers or dropshippers.

There are two kinds of CBD oil available in the UK. Pure or isolate CBD oil is made using pure crystalline CBD. A waxy distillate resin, with the THC removed, is used to make broad spectrum oils. We can trace our raw materials back to the field it came from and all our CBD comes from hemp grown in the EU. Check out our range of bulk CBD isolates and distillates if you’re interested in making your own CBD oil.

Our pure CBD oils have added MCT oil as a carrier oil. We make all of our oils here at York Science Park in the UK.

By understanding the difference between the two, you can give the best advice to customers about what might work best for them. For customers who don’t or wont like the hempy taste of broad spectrum, it is a good idea to point them towards the pure CBD oils instead. These oils are almost tasteless.

Additionally, broad spectrums are closer to nature, which can often be a selling point for many consumers. Ultimately the type of CBD oil you wholesale or dropship will have a different product positioning requirement based on whether it is a pure isolate or broad spectrum variant.

Where can I get help to sell CBD oils

CBDSupermarket has tons of experience manufacturing and retailing CBD oils. Once you’re online placing orders with us you’ll access to our CBD experts. If you interested in becoming a stockist for our HempWell brand you can find wholesale information here and get started with ease.

Our best advice for selling CBD oils is to pick a manufacturer or supplier with a lot of experience. By selling world class products you can focus more on being responsive to customers. You’ll know your products are compliant, safe and legal with CBDSupermarket.

We have a huge range of CBD products available to give you plenty of options. If you’re looking to start your own line of CBD oils, please see our white label services. We have helped numerous brands to start selling CBD oil and offer competitive rates on our FSA approved, THC free white label CBD oils.