What is CBD Dropshipping?

CBD dropshipping involves selling products without actually holding the physical stock. This is held by another company somewhere else.

Once you receive an order it is then fulfilled by another party. You never need to hold the CBD products and typically would be charged storage fees. The order is delivered to your customers and often you can customise packaging.

CBDSupermarket has a great CBD dropshipping program you can read about and it’s super easy to get started. There are many advantages to CBD dropshipping and it is a fantastic way to start selling CBD. On our website you’ll find a range of world class CBD products ready for dropshipping. Why not check out the Trade Shop and see what is available?

The HempWell brand is enjoyed by customers across the UK and overseas every day. We have helped many dropshippers start their CBD selling journey and have now made our program easier than ever. Check our guide on how to get started if you’re interested in CBD dropshipping.

Why you should start dropshipping CBD

In short the main advantage to dropshipping CBD is that it is so easy. Because the foundations are already there, you can simply focus on marketing and sales.

There are many benefits to dropshipping CBD. By selling products that are already made, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing. The CBD products available for dropshipping at CBDSupermarket all have a proven track record of sales, so you don’t need to worry about quality either. By allowing us to handle the fulfilment, you can avoid expensive start-up costs and get straight to selling. All you need is an ecommerce site.

A huge variety of products are available for dropshipping such as our CBD oils and CBD pain relief ranges. By becoming a dropshipper you can sell a whole catalog of products without having to worry about the expensive costs that come with an expansive product range.

Dropshipping with CBDSupermarket will also benefit you by granting access to our CBD expertise. We can support you in a range of areas such as choosing the right products.

What CBD products can I dropship?

We have a selection of world class products available to dropship, including our FSA approved CBD oils and our wonderful CBD topicals made right here in York. Check out our guide on the best CBD products to dropship to learn about how to chose the best products for your store.

You’ll also be able to dropship our CBD vape range, including our new zero nicotine, zero THC disposable CBD vape.

When acting as a CBD dropshipper, you can have your order packaging customised. However, please be aware dropshipping CBD involves selling another brands products, such as the HempWell brand.

If you would like your own packaging on products then white label services may be more suited to you. We also offer a fulfilment service to white label clients, so you don’t need your own fulfilment capabilities to start selling your own CBD oils, gummies and more.

Dropshipping can be a great starting point for building a customer base. You can then consider the other services we offer further down the road.

It’s super easy to get started with CBD dropshipping, all you need is a CBDSupermarket account. There are no lengthy approvals or deposits needed. Simply sign up and start purchasing right away. When you register make sure to select the “Dropshipper” role. You can easily view prices along with the RRP of our great range of products using the Trade Shop. When placing orders on behalf of your customers you can even save time by using our handy Order Form.

If you have a physical store you may be more suited to wholesale CBD. You can buy in bulk easily on our website and you’ll enjoy better margins. We have help tons of CBD stockists to start selling and can support you with our wealth of experience.