What is Wholesale CBD?

Wholesale CBD involves buying CBD products in bulk at a discounted rate, to then retail them at RRP. As the wholesaler you profit on the margin – the difference between the wholesale rate you pay for the products and the revenue you collect from selling them. CBDSupermarket have a wide range of world-class CBD products available for wholesale.

Our HempWell brand is one of the leading UK CBD brands with existing retail success. This allows us to offer super competitive prices with amazing products and support. CBD can be a difficult market to break on your own – with a complicated manufacturing processes should you wish to sell your own products. That’s where our wholesale CBD services come in.

How does wholesale CBD work?

As a wholesaler/stockist you would purchase your products online from CBDSupermarket (you can even use our handy Order Form if you know exactly what you’re after!) and we will prepare and ship your order with super fast delivery.

We manufacture products in-house from our laboratory in York Science Park, which is the same place we dispatch our orders from. This allows us to prepare your order in next to no time, so you can focus on selling!

Once you receive your products, it’s up to you how you sell them and what price you charge, should you wish to deviate from the RRP. You’re in complete control and our experts are here to support you with any questions you may have or advice you may require. Our website is also packed full of great guides, for example why not check out our top tips for selling CBD oil to get a headstart. You’ll enjoy an average 50% discount

The UK is the second largest market for CBD in the world. Consumers are understanding more and more about what the hemp plant can do for them and stigma associated with hemp/marijuana is beginning to fade. It’s easy to start selling CBD with wholesale, because the barriers to entry are so low. It’s super easy to get started with wholesale. Once you’ve made an account you can start purchasing right away! On top of that our CBD experts will be here to support and guide you – we have plenty of retail experience with CBD and have seen the market grow to what it is today.

What type of business can wholesale CBD?

The great thing about CBD is that is it such a versatile product to sell. Among our existing stockists you can find whole food stores, massage therapy studios and even vape shops. With such a wide range of world class products to chose from, there’s something to suit every business.

Wholesale CBD food supplements and topicals are very popular with health-focused stores, due to their position as a natural remedy solution for a variety of circumstances. CBD muscle balms and pain creams can be a great wholesale product for fitness oriented brands – we have worked with gyms in the past and present who have had great success with CBD. Read our guide on how to get started with wholesale CBD to see how easy it is to get up to speed.

There is also an excellent word-of-mouth spread when it comes to CBD products. Many of our existing end-users have found that CBD has helped them greatly and proceeded to tell friends and family. By choosing wholesale CBD with CBDSupermarket you’ll also enjoy a fantastic returning customer rate.

Advantages of wholesale CBD

– Low barrier to entry
– Tried and tested world class products
– Expert support
– Rapidly growing market
– Works for all types of business
– Excellent word-of-mouth and returning customer rate

In addition, here at CBDSupermarket we have no minimum order value for our CBD products available for wholesale. This means (and we encourage it!) you can try a range of products to see what works best for you. We’ll support you to identify the best products to slot into your brand and can give you plenty of point-of-sale guidance once you’re up to speed and placing orders.

If you’re an ecommerce store, you may wish to consider CBD dropshipping alongside wholesale. Dropshipping presents even lower barrier to entry as you don’t need to purchase products up front. However the margins would be lower and you would have less control than if you purchased your goods through wholesale CBD.

So what are you waiting for? With a fantastic range of wholesale CBD products, market leading prices and a wealth of industry experience, we are excited to support your business. Becoming a wholesaler with CBDSupermarket is simple, fast and easy.