Best CBD Products to Wholesale

The best CBD products to wholesale will depend on what type of business you run. The most popular (and therefore the safest to wholesale) product is CBD oil. This is a really identifiable and versatile product that can help a wide range of customers.

At CBDSupermarket all our CBD oils available for wholesale are FSA approved, legal food supplements with no THC. Customer across the country use our products every day so you can have confidence when you choose to wholesale CBD oils with us. Check out more wholesale information to learn how we can get you up to speed with the best CBD products.

Other popular and accessible products are CBD gummies and CBD pain relief creams. These products are great to wholesale because they are familiar to people. CBD edibles might suit you better if you’re a health foods shop, whereas sports brands may lean towards selling our award winning pain cream or a CBD muscle balm instead. It really depends on what type of customers you have.

Is CBD oil the best product to wholesale?

There are a number of advantages to becoming a wholesaler of CBD oil. As a very common consumption method for CBD, you will be able to break UK market – one of the biggest CBD markets globally. Wholesale CBD oils also make it really easy to control dosage. Dosage can often be a roadblock when it comes to CBD, as understanding how to correctly advise customers can be difficult.

Fortunately, at CBDSupermarket we have fantastic CBD oils with a graduated pipette to make dosage easier than ever. We also have tons of retail experience to support and train you with. With our guidance you will enjoy the same success we have brought to our existing stockists and be able to answer tricky questions from the CBD curious. We’ve even put together some top tips for selling CBD oil to help you get started.

What other CBD products are good wholesale options?

CBD capsules are another great option.

Being very familiar to people outside of the CBD world makes it an easy sell. For some CBD oils can have an unusual consumption method and we have noticed through our experience that capsules are very popular with repeat customers. By choosing to wholesale CBD capsules you’ll also be able to easily advise dosage, as each bottle comes with a set amount and dose of CBD. By picking a great product with a proven track record of sales, you reduce the barrier to entry and are likely to enjoy more success with wholesale CBD.

Topical CBD products such as pain creams and muscles balms are a wonderful CBD product to purchase wholesale.

CBD skin care and pain relief products have a long shelf life and can be used by anyone. We have helped massage therapists (and their customers!) reap the rewards of CBD massage while partnering with various gyms to help fitness enthusiasts enjoy reduced inflammation. Check out our top tips for selling CBD topicals to help you identify the best product for you. With a broad range of experience we can help you to pick the best CBD products for your business.

Our CBD muscle balm has a wonderful range of essential oils packed in for powerful relief. Since releasing this product over a year ago, it has become super popular with consumers. Meanwhile, our CBD skin care range features kind-to-skin ingredients that won’t cause irritations. We let CBD do the heavy lifting. If topical CBD creams suit your business well, then these high-quality items with a proven track record of sales would be the best CBD products to wholesale.

The best brand for wholesale CBD products

Our wholesale range is made up of our HempWell brand. Customers across the country and overseas enjoy our products every day and we are one of few CBD brands to have a retail store. We understand what it takes to be a retailer for CBD and are happy to support you – from product position to point-of-sale and more. We manufacture all of our topicals and creams at our laboratory in York Science Park. Our topicals are CPSR certified. By choosing wholesale with CBDSupermarket you have quality, reliable products and can focus on the marketing and sales to drive your business forward.

We have a huge range of CBD products to wholesale. On top of that, it’s now easier than ever to get started with CBD wholesale. All you need to do is create an account and start purchasing.

So what are you waiting for? With a fantastic range of wholesale CBD products, market leading prices and a wealth of industry experience, we are excited to support your business. Becoming a wholesaler with CBDSupermarket is simple, fast and easy.