Drop Shipping You Can Rely On

Here at CBDSupermarket we have developed a drop shipping program that will automatically load our products and inventory details into your website, take care of your deliveries and fulfillment processes, so you can focus on the customers and sales channels and make your online store a success!

Central Product Database

We keep a central database of product information and images which will automatically load on your website, saving you hours of time and effort. Whenever we make changes, your website updates automatically  so you always have the latest product information.

Real Time Inventory

You will see real-time inventory updates on your store, so as products are sold or added from the central inventory, you will always have the latest information live as it happens. You will always know that when you sell a product on your store, it is in stock and will be dispatched to your customers immediately.

Same Day Shipping

We work with one of the UK's leading fulfillment companies to deliver products to customers, any order received before 2pm will be shipped at 5pm that day or orders taken after 2pm are shipped the next day. Our software automatically sends the orders to our fulfillment company so you don't need to do anything apart from wait for the positive review from your customer. 

Custom Built Websites

Are you new to online retailing, or simply don't have the time to build your own website? You can work with our expert design company to make you own website exactly how you would like it, and then we can sync our products directly to you new online store.



Great Products

We have wide selection of drop shipping CBD products from four leading brands, that we are continually adding to, making sure you always have a current and relevant store.


Automated shipping

Our automated shipping service gives you the peace of mind to focus on marketing your website and selling products.


7 Days, 100% Guarantee

If any of your customers have any issues with our products, they can be returned with a guaranteed replacement or refund.