How to purchase CBD Isolate

If you’re looking to purchase CBD isolate you should look for a supplier of bulk materials. Its important to use a supplier that has traceable CBD so you can verify it’s quality.

There are a range of bulk CBD isolates and distillates available in the Trade Shop at CBDSupermarket.

CBD isolate is the pure crystalline CBD used to create CBD products. Typically it can be purchased in 1kg quantities but smaller offerings are available.

It differs from broad spectrum CBD distillate, which is a waxy honey substance. As a more unprocessed extract of the hemp plant, it contains other cannabinoids with the THC removed.

Where you can purchase bulk CBD isolate and distillate

It’s super easy to purchase through our Trade Shop. Just create an account to get started. You can find a great range of CBD isolates and distillates all extracted from a GMP certified facility. Bulk CBD oil manufactured in our lab in York Science Park is also available.

Simply create a CBDSupermarket account (you can do this by selecting the button at the bottom of the page) to purchase bulk CBD raw materials today.

We offer competitive prices on CBD isolates and distillates because we grow the hemp ourselves. All of our bulk CBD raw materials are extracted in a GMP certified facility in the EU. The hemp is grown in the EU with EU certified seeds and we have some of the most traceable CBD on the market.

You can learn more about us to get a better understand of how we operate our “seed-to-shelf” model.

Where you can purchase bulk CBD oil

You can buy bulk CBD oil online from trusted sellers. It’s important to use high quality CBD oil if you’re going to make your own products. Try to use CBD oil produced with traceable hemp in a quality facility. Finding a manufacturer to help you bring your CBD brand to life can also increase your chance of success.

Bottling CBD oil can be difficult without the right equipment.

If you’re looking to start your own brand white label CBD might suit your needs. At CBDSupermarket we have helps tons of brands get online and can support you with a 360 service.